Cooks and Bakers…

I really, really wanted to be a “good mom” today and bake some cookies for Missy Pie after school. After procrastinating all day, I finally got them in the oven just-in-time. Completely justified, though, because this way they’ll be “hot out of the oven” and even Better! (right?)

Here’s whaoatmeal_cookiest I discovered today: The biggest difference between “cooks” and “bakers” comes down to patience. I have not much, and bakers…and Lord knows, Pastry chefs!…have much, much more. My unspoken rule is that it has to be a one-shot deal. In other words, all the batter has to make the right amount to fit onto two cookie sheets. Because I don’t really want to hang around and do it all again. Once is enough. And, as I found out today…I will squeeeeeze those cookies in, and EAT any remaining batter in order to avoid another go ’round. Nice, huh?! (I’m also not a fan of getting dusted head to toe in flour)

So…hats off to all you Bakers out there. If you’re more of a Cook, like me, and would still like to show your fam some love…I suggest you do what I do and get a handful of insanely easy recipes that you can pull out once in awhile, and still warm their hearts (and tummies)  :  )

PS–My cookies don’t look as good as the ones in the picture…hmmmmph!


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